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1800 Ferry Point
Alameda, CA, 94501
United States



I have worked as an art handler in New York, Miami, and San Francisco. My responsibilities have included crate building, packaging delicate artwork, loading and unloading trucks, installation and deinstallation of art works, and clear communication with clients and the office. I can call anyone of the companies I have worked for and have pickup work the next day. This is because of my communication skills, hard work, being a team player and leadership skills. I have handled countless art works, and artifacts- from dinosaur bones, to Medieval Manuscripts, to Ai Wei Wei sculptures and large Jackson Pollocks. I love being around objects with such history, and working with the care they deserve. 

chosen for Installation

I was hand chosen to install Ai Weiwei’s show on Alcatraz Island. View the video to watch as I (wearing green), along with Brian Verschueren, uncrate “With Wind” and “Refraction” from 2:02-3:00.

Handling Ai Wei Wei’s work on Alcatraz was an amazing experience. It was a collaboration between working with Ai Wei Wei’s assistants, the National Park, the ForeSite group and Connect Art. There were a lot of logistics to figure out in regards to getting all the crates and machinery onto the Island.


Jennifer Kostuik Gallery 
Vancouver, BC

Head Preparator, 2018
Responsibilities included installation and packaging of fine art, lighting exhibits, communicating with shippers and crate builders by using computer software such as spreadsheets for organizing freight information.

Ship Art // Connect Art
San Francisco, ca

Art Handler, 2013-2017
Installation of art in museums, galleries and high-end homes. Responsibilities include an understanding of necessary materials to use for specific pieces, and careful handling of priceless works of art. Overview of the crate workshop and instruction/assistance building crates.

Gander and White  
San Francisco, ca
Miami, FL
New York, NY
Calgary, AB

Art Handler, 2007-2017
Free-lance art handler with Gander and White developing great working relationships and friendships with the crews from coast to coast. Flown to multiple cities throughout The United States and Canada to install works as a reflection of my work ethic, and dedication to represent the company well.