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My passion for art is in my degree. Since I was a teenager I enjoyed working with students and teaching them different skills. I graduated with an art education degree and then worked after school and summer programs while pursuing work as a sculptors assistant. I used my degree to teach in Santa Marta Colombia for two years. The students loved my classes based upon the energy and ideas I cultivated in my classroom. This has furthered my communication skills, patience, and ability to work with people of all ages- from students to their parents and the administrators. Also, it gave me the experience of living in a foreign country which has had a lasting effect on my views of the my surrounding environments.

Youth and Art

I find that as an educator it is important to reference history. This allows students to see work that has been done before them so they can move forward with their ideas. I brought my students to museums in order for them to look at art works. They had time to walk around on their own, find a piece they really enjoyed, sit and sketch it. We would the regroup as a class and talk about the artwork and reasons why we enjoyed certain pieces.