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Over the past year I have had the opportunity to work with Neighbour Lab, a design firm with the goal of community based earthquake preparedness. Their team has designed public benches/structures that house earthquake kits and solar panels charging stations that can be accessed and utilized after a disaster. These Hubs also function as a daily reminder within the neighbourhood that an earthquake could hit our area, and therefore starting a conversation with neighbours about what actions they can take as a community to better prepare. The structures prove to be daily meeting points to hang out at or have a passer by inquire about. I have had the privilege of working with their amazing design team on site preparations, installations and fabrication. To me the projects are a prefect fit, tying together ideas of community and design for the common goal of resilience.

Emergency Supply Bench

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Neighbour Lab to create a Neighbour Hub. This was a great project due to the bench’s unique design and community response.

In addition to acting as a shared emergency kit, the bench provides neighbours with power outlets and a community bulletin board. The cell phone charging station is powered by a solar panel situated on the awning above the bench. Two outlets are available for year round use, inviting neighbours to spend time at the bench.



Lead Installer, August 2019
For this project I implemented an install plan created by the design team and city engineers. I was responsible for laying out the foundation, pouring the footings, and securing the Hub for public use. The project was prebuilt by a design team using cedar that included a bench, trellis, and a nine foot wall. I enjoyed communicating and working with the design team during the installation of the Hub.