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Art handling

I have worked as an art handler in New York, Miami, San Francisco and Vancouver. My responsibilities have included crate building, packaging delicate artwork, loading and unloading trucks, installation and deinstallation of art works, and clear communication with clients and the office. I can call anyone of the companies I have worked for and have pickup work the next day. This is because of my communication skills, hard work, being a team player and leadership skills. I have handled countless art works, and artifacts- from dinosaur bones, to Medieval Manuscripts, to Ai Wei Wei sculptures and large Jackson Pollocks. I love being around objects with such history, and working with the care they deserve. 


Museum Installation and Fabrication

I have experience working in museums doing layout and building walls for shows. I’ve been involved in shows at the Whitney in NYC where I was part of a small crew that worked on average 18 hour days so as not to distract for the museums other exhibits. Responsibilities for this including working with 12’ sheets of Sheetrock, laying out metal track and studs, operating a scissor lift and being aware of my surroundings while loading in materials. I have installed shows at the Pinakotech in Germany for Gisela Stroymer, who is an artist that works with fabrics and stretches them to define a space. I have also also set up numerous shows for different events at the Museum of Natural History and Science in New York City.


Art Fair installation

Over the past 12 years I have worked as a free lance art handler for art fairs across the States. I have worked Miami Basel, Chicago Expo, New York Armory and Freize, and Renegade and Fog art fairs in San Francisco. My responsibilities include ensuring safe delivery, installation and deinstallation of art works, trouble shooting any issues and maintaining positive client relations. These art fairs are generally high pressure situations with time constraints and valuable works. This is a situation I thrive in.


Set building & fabrication

Over the years I have dedicated many long hours working on sets. I have experience on photo shoots, in studio and on location, as well as on movie sets. I like the creativity and communication that is involved in these productions. There are so many people involved in design decisions that the end result is generally highly executed. Also, there are people working with all different skill sets and to see these collaborative efforts brig a project together really instils a sense of pride in a team.


Wood Working

I have always had a creative outlook on life and the environment around me. This has led me to explore woodworking as a hobby and a artistic output. I moved to California to acquire studio space in Alameda Point Studios. This is a well designed collaborative wood shop. This time has helped solidify my interest in woodworking and given me the needed skills to move forward and advance my projects. I have fabricated many different works for others based upon their designs or desires- be it cribbage boards, gate doors, tables, toys, or wooden speakers. This is a skill set that I have learned to develop to be able to work in an area I love.



Over the past year I have had the opportunity to work with Neighbour Lab, a design firm with the goal of community based earthquake preparedness. Their team has designed public benches/structures that house earthquake kits and solar panels charging stations that can be accessed and utilized after a disaster. These Hubs also function as a daily reminder within the neighbourhood that an earthquake could hit our area, and therefore starting a conversation with neighbours about what actions they can take as a community to better prepare. The structures prove to be daily meeting points to hang out at or have a passer by inquire about. I have had the privilege of working with their amazing design team on site preparations, installations and fabrication. To me the projects are a prefect fit, tying together ideas of community and design for the common goal of resilience.

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I have been working as a carpenter for almost 20 years. Starting down in the ranks of doing demo and trash removal and working up to running small crews and obtaining my own jobs. Currently I am working as a journeyman for a high end company in Victoria. Projects vary from foundation to finish work. I love building, using different materials, communicating a game plan, and seeing the execution of a job well done.


Artist assistance

I spent 4 years working as a sculptors assistant to Hale Gurland. We dedicated a lot of time to the production of a large stone sculpture, 21’ long and 10’ high. It consisted of 144 individual alabaster stones. My role was roughing out the stones with a grinder, drilling holes and cutting trenches in the tops and bottoms of stones for stacking, polishing the finish surfaces, operating a forklift and crane, rigging, while also being a soundboard to expand upon ideas. Other projects included bronze pours, welding, and flying around in a helicopter- but that was just for fun. I also worked for Gisela Stroymer, who is an artist that works with fabrics and stretches them to define a space. I helped install her show at the Pinakotech in Germany, we also set up numerous shows for different events at the Museum of Natural History and Science in New York City. 


ART Educating

My passion for art is in my degree. Since I was a teenager I enjoyed working with students teaching them different skills. I graduated with an art education degree and worked at after school and summer programs while pursuing work as a sculptors assistant. With my degree I moved to Santa Marta, Colombia to teach art for two years. The students loved my classes based upon the energy and ideas I cultivated in my room. This has furthered my communication skills, patience, and ability to work with people of all ages- from students to their parents and the administrators. Also it gave me the experience of living in a foreign country which has had a lasting effect on my views of the my surrounding environments.